Lessons From My Weight Loss Journey

Lessons From My Weight Loss Journey

I needed to run medical tests recently, and as part of the processes, my weight was taken. I didn’t even pay any specific attention to how much I weighed until someone asked me the last time I checked my weight. Well it turned out my last weight measurement was three months ago, and in that space of time, I weighed 57 pounds less. Yes you read that right, I lost 57 pounds over a period of three months, and I wasn’t even paying any exclusive attention to it except a couple of colleagues commenting that I was a tad leaner.

I had tried out a good number of weight loss programs over the years and I simply got tired of the whole charade. I was tired of feeling hungry after skimping on meals or eating foods that simply did not feel satisfying all in the name of ‘eating healthy’. I just decided at some point to let my commonsense guide me and do what I felt was appropriate. So it happens that my intuition was good enough to guide me, and after reflecting over the past half of a year, here a couple of things I learnt and would like to share with you.

  • There’s too much dubious information out there

Just google the term weight loss, and you would practically be drowning in a sea of information about ways on how to lose weight, unhealthy foods, and so on. But the truth is that most of that stuff is written by people who are just trying to get you to click on their article, view an ad, and get money.

There are few people truly committed to helping people live a healthy life by losing weight. So, I would suggest just unplugging from all of that deluge and figuring out what exactly works for you. For example, you’ll find a lot of these ‘fitness experts’ demonizing donuts and saying that fruits and vegies are healthier. Now, it may or may not shock you to know that there are fruits with more sugar content than donuts. So what’s the point?

  • It’s a lifestyle thing

Having gone through my fair share of weight loss programs, I can confidently say that the secret to weight loss is not in any structured program. Most of these things only work for the first couple of weeks when you’re still all excited. But the real challenge is in the long term. You have to adopt habits instead of temporary programs. Watch the ingredients in your meals instead of reading rave reviews and labels that are invariably designed to just be an advertising pitch.

  • Don’t Ever Skip Meals

This one is a complete no no. Don’t ever starve yourself in the name of weight loss. More often than not, you end up overcompensating by eating too much and gaining back whatever you might have lost (if any) and more


Weight loss is a totally personal thing. A journey you need to navigate on your own. Others can only offer guidance and suggestions. So block out all the noise and get started right now.